InShot for PC & Windows 7,8,10,11 – Free Download

Inshot for PC is now available for PC, Windows, Mac, Desktop Devices. Download now the Latest Verison of Inshot for PC? We will provide you a link that will let you install this application with premium features for free. Inshot App has created hype among video editors because of its versatile features. In our guide, we will discuss everything about this fantastic photography and video editing app in detail. Read on! If you want to have the best content to grab the audience’s attention by providing the best content, you should have this app on your device.

This Inshot PC is one of the best video editor apps in the market. It will be highly beneficial to grab the attention of the content viewers. You will automatically have more followers for your ID. Suppose you want to download a video editor application, then you must try Inshot for PC. It will be taking your content to another level because of the incredible specs.

You will be able to choose the additional background and sound content from the internet as well. And the good news? You will have the best video content and professional editing in just a few seconds.

Download Inshot For PC

InShot For PC Download

Also, we can reveal the secret that photo and video editing are only possible with apps like Inshot PC only. Inshot for PC App has a 4.7 average rating on Google Play Store. However, this android app is not available to download on computers straightforward. But after reading our guide, you will know some alternative methods. So stick with us; we will show you some helpful perks to get all features of this app for free.

The incredible photography app will provide a lot of features, and it is easy to use. You will be cutting off the background easily. Furthermore, you can add more music and several other clips of videos in one frame easily.

It will be great for all TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, youtube, and other social media platform users. All the influencers praise this editing app. So why should you not download it to your computer? Check out the methods you can use to install the photography and video editing app in your system for free.

How to install on Windows?

You can download the Inshot App to your computer to edit the snaps and videos much more accessible. Plus, you will not have charges to get the app. Best of all, you will have an application with many advanced features. It will be much simpler to edit the elements on a large screen. Just click on the link exe. file to download it to your device.

How to Install on MAC?

Also, you can download Inshot Editing Application on your MAC device. You will have our .exe file link to install it on your MAC operating system PC.

Other than that, you can use the emulator method to install the editing app in your system. Read on!

How To Download & Install Inshot for PC With Emulator Of The Bluestacks

This Inshot Video Editing App of android devices is not directly downloadable on the phone. But now you can download it on your PC whether you have an operating system of Windows or MAC. You can run the application on your computer by installing the emulator. However, there are several emulators in the market that you can use to install the android apps, but the Bluestacks is the safest and reliable option.

  1. Click on the option of Bluestacks to download the app. You have to go to the official link website.
  2. Now you will see an option to download it for pc.
  3. Choose the option for pc download. It will provide you a setup to install the application on your pc.
  4. Sign in to the google id, and you can open the app from the play store.
  5. Once the app appears on your desktop, you have to search for the Inshot PC.
  6. Choose the install now option, and it will start the process on its own.
  7. You can use the app once the installation no more pending.
  8. The app will be visible on your PC, and you can tap on it to open and start your editing. Download Crackeado

Happy editing!


There are many features of this application that you can use for editing. Have a look!

Video Editor Pro

The video editor pro application will support many formats, including the MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV, and more.

  • You will have the most straightforward options to merge the videos with the effects.
  • It will provide you an option to edit the video, cut, trim, and compress it.
  • You can easily convert the video file.
  • You will not have a watermark in the video files while editing.
  • The app will provide stickers, texts, emojis, watermark, and much more.

Video Merger

This application will be the best option for merging files, and you will have several effects on it as well.

Video Converter

You can easily convert the files to the version of Mp4. So you can call it a free video converter.

Video Cut & Trim

  • The app will let you trim the video as per your requirement.
  • The video timeless will be simple to sync the sound and graphics.

Video Compressor

  • The output of the video content will be HD.
  • The video can be compressed, and you will not have a low resolution of your video.

Photo Editor Pro

  • It will provide options to change the contrast, color scheme, warmth, saturation, and much more.
  • You can rotate and flip the video with this photo editor application easily.
  • You will have ratio support of 5 different options.
  • It provides you a bonus boost your pictures and add frames to it as well.
  • You will have a choice of adding unique filters to make your content superior, colorful.


  • The application will let you add any song in the background of the video.
  • You will have options to adjust the music volume.
  • It will provide an option of music fade input and output option.
  • This video editor application comes with the vine video editing option. You will have a pro app to adjust the music with the video.

Text & Sticker

  • You can add the subtitles for your video content.
  • You can add any text and create your own type of watermark.
  • Add any sticker in the video while editing.

Collage Mode

  • Make collages with several kinds of layouts as per your choice.
  • You will have filters for several grids.
  • It comes with the option to crop photos easily.

Blur Border

  • You can blur the background of your photos and videos without any cost.
  • You can share the work on the social media application without cropping.

Easy to Share

  • You will choose the resolution for your video, and it will be available in the converter as well.
  • You can share the video instantly on social media accounts after editing.


  1. You can easily split, trim, flip, rotate, and merge the video clips.
  2. It comes with the simplest options for creating a collage.
  3. You will have the option to edit the pictures with the sound, music, and several other effects.
  4. You can even add the voice-over filters in the application.
  5. The app provides the feature of sync sound in the timeline area.
  6. You will have a choice of adding the emojis of your choice.
  7. It will let you blue the background easily.
  8. You can choose from the customizable options for editing the picture.
  9. It will provide animated stickers to make the editing even more enjoyable.
  10. The video will let you add the cinematic effect, and you will have vintage options as well.
  11. It has black, white, and vintage tints.
  12. The application will connect with the creators and other social media accounts to add more sound options. You can even link the sounds from the sound cloud application.
  13. It will let you share the videos in much less time. The app has the export feature by maintaining the quality of video at 1080 pixels.
  14. You can adjust the speed to 2x to 4x easily.
  15. The application can share the videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.


  1. The application will add a watermark in all the content that you will edit here.
  2. There are a lot of ads appearing on the screen when you are downloading the filters.

System Requirements of Inshot for PC

  • App name: inshot
  • App category: photography apps
  • Current version: 1.49.0
  • File Size: 104.31 MB’s
  • Version: 1.7
  • Compatibility: Android, Mac, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista, XP
  • Release date: May 19th, 2021


How To Use Inshot On Windows PC?

The Inshot application is easy to use on windows pc. You will have access to this application by using our link or installing the emulator in your system. Plus, you will have simple features, and it is convenient to use. This application will help you to edit the videos easily.

How To Use Inshot On The MAC Device?

The application is downloadable on the MAC devices with the emulator. However, you still don’t have access to install the application on iOS devices.

Is The App Inshot For Android And Pc Free?

The video editor and maker app is free to download and use only with some features. You have to pay for the app to use the premium features and better quality of video editing.

Is The Inshot Completely Safe To Use In PC?

Yes, it is completely safe to use. You will have an application to use for editing on the computer for free. It will never leak the content, and you will have the simplest editing features.

How To Install Bluestack Emulator?

The emulator software is free to download and use. You will have advanced features in it. Also, it comes with the paid subscription method. You will have an application that will be the best option to download the android apps on your PC.

How To Know If The Data Is Saved In Inshot Or Not?

You don’t have to concern that your data is saved Inshot PC or not. The app ads will ask for your permission to use your personal data. So it is your choice if you want to share your content or not.

Is The Quality Of Video Reduced In The Inshot?

If the video is rendered a lot of times, then the quality will be reduced. You will get the option of using the codecs to maintain the video quality even if the file size is large.

Inshot for PC Final Verdict

If you are struggling to find an application that can edit the shots of your videos and pictures, then Inshot is surely the best option. Now that you have read all the features. You know the advantages of this application. Best of all, the application comes with editing features that you won’t find in other editing applications. In addition, the app will be convenient to use. Even if you are a newbie, it will assist in editing the shots. The feature we like the most in this application is the editing of combined shots and individual shots.

In fact, you will have several shapes to choose from to edit videos. The application will be beneficial for all the bloggers and other people who often use social media applications to show their creativity. And the good news? The link that we are providing will let you download the app for free.

Other than that, you can use the emulator if you are facing any issues while downloading the application. Indeed, the Bluestacks is quite reliable but don’t forget to use our link as well.

You can also contact us by commenting below. Thanks for the read!